Acupuncture Infertility 2008

Acupuncture Infertility 2008

Due to limited time available for posting the details of the success for each pregnancy, the following cases stood out during year 2008.

Part I:  Pregnancies with Acupuncture and herbs only
Dr. Lee’s acupuncture for infertility in action in 2008. Case study 1.
Pregnancy date: 5/30/08
A 38-yr-old patient from Orange County who has a 2 year old son came to seeing Dr. Lee on 1/26/08.  She wanted to try acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs for the 2nd child.  Here is her history.

—She had failed 5 cycles of Clomid .
—FSH of 23.6
—Right tube 100% blocked.
—Left ovary never showed any follicular growth.

Dr. Lee found that there was moderate internal imbalance in her body and started treatments and herbs designed  for her particular case right away.  But, her IUI was to start the next month.  With limited time to prepare her condition, she failed the IUI cycle.  She then wanted to try with Dr. Lee’s acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment.  Her RE thought that the patient was “tasting of her time and money” because her history of lack of follicle growth in the left ovary and the only functioning right ovary was paired with a blocked fallopian tube.  Since Dr. Lee had helped other patients with similar case (in fact worse case of ovulation occurred in the ovary with tube removed on the same side), the patient decided to continue with the treatment with Dr. Lee.  Two months later, with only 8 more treatments after failed IUI cycle, she got pregnant.
She gave a birth to a healthy boy 7 lbs 13 oz 20 1/2” on 1/31/09.

Part II:  Pregnancies with Acupuncture, herbs and IVF
Dr. Lee’s acupuncture for infertility in action in 2008. Case study 2.
Pregnancy date: 12-5-08

—38 year old female.
—Failed 2 IVFs, 2nd IVF canceled due to lack of follicular growth.
—RE’s solution is donor egg.

She started with Dr. Lee on 9/1/07.  Her FSH dropped down to 11 in Dec 07, then 6.5 in Nov. 08.  She wanted to dry natural intercourse.  But, her husband’s sperm failed to improve.  Dr. Lee recommend to try IVF with her own eggs.  She had only 2 eggs retrieved from 3 follicles and only 1 fertilized.  She was able to get pregnant and stays pregnant.  At time of this update on 5/7/09, she is about 25 week pregnant.

Bottom Line: High FSH does not always mean that eggs will never be good again.

Due to time limit, 2009 and onward only highlights are listed in the home page.