Acupuncture Infertility 2009

Acupuncture Infertility 2009

Due to limited time available for posting the details of the success for each pregnancy, the following cases stood out during year 2009.

Part I:  Pregnancies with Acupuncture and herbs only
after multiple IUI &IVF failures.  2009
Dr. Lee’s acupuncture for infertility in action in 2009. Case study 1.
Pregnancy date: 3/10/09
A 33-yr-old patient from Riverside County who has failed 2 IUIs and 3 IVFs came to seeing Dr. Lee on 10/20/08.  She had seen 2 others acupuncturists with no result and wanted to try Dr. Lee’s acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs.  Here is her history.

—She had failed 2 cycles of IUI and 3 cycles of IVF .
—FSH under 10
—Both tubes are open
—Male sperm showed low morphology
—patient was told by their RE to use donor egg due to poor response to stimulation meds.

Dr. Lee found that there was moderate internal imbalance in both her body and her husbands body started treatments and herbs designed  for their particular case right away.  Five months later, she got pregnant naturally with only Dr. Lee’s acupuncture and herbs. No IUI and No IVF and No donor eggs. As of this update on 5-11-09, she just finished 13th week of her pregnancy.

Lessen Learned: Do give up. There is a reason for the failures.  With Dr. Lee’s 3 pillars of success, the correct diagnosis was made, effective treatments were given.  The patients gave themselves enough time (5 months) and persevered with the long drive from Temecula sometimes twice a week and put up with all the herbs.  This is what it takes!

Dr. Lee’s acupuncture for infertility in action in 2009. Case study 2.
Pregnancy date: 04-15-09
—36 year old female.
—FSH under 10.
—Failed 1 cycle of  IUIs, 6 cycles of IVF  with only chemical pregnancy (HCG=12 with the 6th IVF).
—Embryos showed severe fragments in all the IVF cycles.
—RE’s solution is donor egg.
—Had “acupuncture” from others two acupuncturists without clear diagnosis.

She and her husband both started with Dr. Lee on 12/29/08.  Dr. Lee found severe imbalance in her and moderate imbalance in her husband and started treatments and herbs designed  for their particular case  .  Over the course of 4 and half months, her conditions improved as seen from exam and from temperature charts.   So did her husband.  She was happily surprised that she able to get pregnant naturally with Dr. Lee treatments.  At time of this update on 5/11/09, she is about 7 and 1/2 week pregnant. Strong heart beat seen.

Lessen Learned: At age 36 with low FSH, the egg quality can be improved when the patient’s internal imbalance is removed.  The improvement requires someone who has the expertise and experience in finding out what and where is the imbalance and how to effectively treat such imbalance.


This improvement takes time.  It is like doing a kitchen remodeling.  Several months is minimal amount of the time it takes for the body to change for the better.  No matter how precise Dr. Lee’s diagnosis is and how effective his treatments are, the patients body will not change overnight.  So coming to see Dr. Lee a few days before patient’s next IUI or IVF stimulation begins will NOT allow patient’s body enough time to make the change necessary to substantially improve the out come specially with previous IUI and IVF failures or recurrent miscarriages.  These failures dictate a need for a fundamental change in patient’s body, a “Remodeling”, in order to restore to the optimal balance.  This remodeling is the key to fertility.  Often, patients heard that acupuncture can help fertility and thought that adding acupuncture with next IUI and IVF will improve the out come.  Yes, a few people did became successful.  But, majority of the people saw a continued failure due to the lack of proper “remodeling” of their internal conditions.  Remember, your body needs to be “Baby Friendly” in order to get pregnant and stay pregnent.  Putting an embryo in a “Baby Unfriendly” environment is destined to fail.

The bottom line to remember:

If you and your husband had lost many tennis double matches, go find a Olympic Champion coach.  Once you found the coach, start the training ASAP for both of you.  Don’t wait until the next Championship match to begin your 1st lessen!   Sounds simple and logical?  But, many patients don’t apply these simple logics when it comes to fertility.  Reasons often are:

IUI and IVF is already too expensive to add a few months of acupuncture.  (Yah. but, another IUI and IVF failure is even more expansive when staring it unprepared)

My husband will never do acupuncture. (Like play tennis doubles, you can’t do it along. you need better quality sperms)

My doctor says no to herbs.  If your current coach has failed to help you to win any tennis matches, do you want to continue to do what he or she says and expecting a different outcome?  Think hard on this question, you will get the right answer.